Venture Well Is Not a Destination, But a Journey

We are so excited to bring you on this trip with us. As we unveil this new brand, we uncover more opportunities to cultivate the essence of yoga.

Yoga to us is not just about rolling out a mat, but it’s about the self-care, the growth, and all the moments in between. Our goal is to continue to make yoga even more accessible for the general audience. Even if you’ve never rolled out a mat, we are confident we can create a practice that will cater to your needs and interests. Whether you’re searching for strength, flexibility, balance, or just a moment of presence, we want to bring that to you.

We believe that yoga is fun but also profound, and we fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. We offer services that range from light hearted girls nights to spiritual awakenings. We can provide a gathering space for our classes or we are happy to bring it to you. Venture Well is striving to make yoga more available to everyone.

Venture Well will be an enhancement to all the things you’re already doing. No goal is too large to obtain and we want to make something that you may think is inaccessible, accessible. We offer a large range of services and we challenge you to break us out of the box and suggest something we’ve never thought of…let us create a perfect package based on YOUR needs.

Where could you use more Yoga in your life?

  • Office Yoga
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Athlete Training
  • Team Building
  • Senior Sessions
  • Kids Programs
  • Prenatal
  • Wellness Classes
  • Event Enhancement
  • Retreats/Customized Workshops

Our goal is to take you on the adventure you are seeking. Life is a long journey, we hope you Venture Well.

Much love,

Jessy+ Jen

Jessy + Jen

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